Broadly speaking, The Old School Emulation Center (TOSEC) is a ground-breaking on-going project concerned with computer and videogame console software cataloguing. With regard to the MSX homecomputing system, the latest official TOSEC release (TOSEC-v2011-11-11) already hosts a mind-boggling figure of 8,252 MSX files. Up to date, the arduous task of collecting dumps and having them renamed and catalogued has been held by datters jugaor, Apache, Cid, cbeard, Grendel, tcm1998 and TKaos at different times and in varying degrees. At any rate, I feel this is the right time and place to acknowlege their achievement and the large amounts of time put into TOSEC-MSX.

TOSEC-MSX is undergoing revision at present as the last update took place in 2009. In the last few months TOSEC-MSX catalogue has been conscientiously edited by contributing a higher level of detail to existing dumps. That work was done in a pre-WIP status but is coming out now. And, while I have made every effort to accurately catalogue dump records, there is always room for improvement. In spite of the fact current catalogue editing will remain WIP until the forthcoming official TOSEC release, I plan to have TOSEC-MSX dats released for the users’ convenience whenever a certain amount of work has been fulfilled. Furthermore, amendments, additions and removals will be duly reported.

Nevertheless, and far from being finished, there is much MSX software still to be catalogued or plainly M.I.A. The aim, therefore, is two-fold: on the one hand, going on with MSX-file cataloguing and renaming following the TOSEC Naming Convention standard; on the other, rescuing MSX software from oblivion for it to be properly catalogued and digitally preserved. While mainly focused on tapes,  it is needless to say that MSX-Cassettes! is all about MSX software preservation (be it stored in tapes, disks, QuickDisks, catridges, softcards, beecards or the rarer laser discs and VHD discs).

Likewise, there is room for MSX printed material since TOSEC-PIX is an area under constant development planning to catalogue magazines, fanzines and every sort of publication related to computing and the videogame industry in the scope of the project. Actually, much effort has been put in the TOSEC-MSX PIX cataloguing as the WIP dats I am assembling will disclose.

Support and collaboration are always welcome so, if you feel there is some information you would like to share or a piece of software not previously dumped that you would like to dump or have it dumped, please feel free and drop a line. It is just as easy and simple as that.


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