TOSEC-MSX (TOSEC 2012-02-29) Official Release

As previously announced this week via twitter, TOSEC has released a brand new update TOSEC-v2012-02-29. This should be of interest to the MSX scene as the following MSX magazines have beed added to the dats:

5 issues of MSX - Magazines - MSX Magazine (FR) (TOSEC-v2012-02-26_CM)
6 issues of MSX - Magazines - MSX World (ES) (TOSEC-v2012-02-26_CM)
16 issues of MSX - Magazines - MSX-FAN (JP) (TOSEC-v2012-02-26_CM)

However, for some reason (?) TOSEC-PIX editor has done some strange editing eg. renaming the Spanish MSX magazine “Mundo MSX” to “MSX World” when titles should be left in their original form. Plus, the announcement back in December of a TOSEC-MSX PIX update consisting of GBs of MSX printed material has turned out to be limited to the abovementioned magazine issues.

So, till naming matter issue is sorted out, I’d recommend reading the post TOSEC-MSX PIX WIP (TOSEC-v2011-11-15) where the visitor will be able to find the dats for the MSX PIX WIP I worked on and submitted to TOSEC:

MSX – Fanzines (TOSEC-v2011-11-15_CM): 109 files
MSX – Magazines (TOSEC-v2011-11-15_CM): 251 files
MSX -Misc (TOSEC-v2011-11-15_CM): 17 files

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