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TOSEC-MSX WIP (TOSEC-v2012-06-23) Summer Solstice

Yes, it has been long time. So I hope the wait has been worth. Released Dec 2015, this TOSEC-MSX WIP update dates from summer 2012 (already three years ago) with some editing and fixing from the last two weeks. As … Seguir leyendo

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[Off-topic] A Philips VG-8020 in the Europe in 8 Bits documentary trailer

Thanks go to the Europe in 8 Bits documentary and the Festival 8 Bits taking place today in Valencia (Spain) for showcasing the Philips VG-8020 MSX homecomputer in their Europe in 8 Bits trailer. Yes, it’s there… Between the Game Boy … Seguir leyendo

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TOSEC-MSX WIP (TOSEC-v2012-010-14) codenamed UZ

Back from the land of learned Ibn Sina and paying homage to his birthplace… … this TOSEC-MSX WIP update captures a great deal of titles released by Al Alamiah. It should be noted that the Kuwaitian company released two MSX … Seguir leyendo

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TOSEC Release (2012-04-23) Official Release

Latest TOSEC Release (2012-04-23) makes  recent TOSEC-MSX WIP (2012-04-15) official. NEW: UPDATED: REMOVED: Further info about the lastest TOSEC release can be found at TOSEC news and the abovementioned TOSEC-MSX WIP article.

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HOW-TO – Sort your MSX files the TOSEC way

This document aims to serve as a guide to help sort all the different MSX files by having them renamed to TOSEC-compliant filenaming standard and sorted according to system-category-filetype. In short, no more… but… in the MSX MSX – Games … Seguir leyendo

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TOSEC-MSX WIP (TOSEC-v2012-04-15)

Easier said than done, a major update to TOSEC-MSX has been performed. The too-generic Various category in MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ dat files has been split into a number of alredy-existing or newly-created fully-meaningful software categories: Applications Compilations Demos Educational … Seguir leyendo

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Star Seeker (1986)(Discovery Informatic)(ES)

Back in the 80’s a number of astronomy programs were released for the MSX home computer system to meet the star-gazing demand of MSX computer users. Developed by Paul Phillips and published in association with the London Planetarium, Mirrorsoft’s Star … Seguir leyendo

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